improve your parental skills and business management


Discover more about the Live and Excel Parenting System

This program is for parents with children of all ages looking to improve their kids' work ethic, leadership skills, character, behavior, and academic planning. Quynh speaks from his experience with his three children, as well as from teaching martial arts for several years to kids of ranging ages. With over 100 topics available, you will choose 10 initial topics to access (includes videos, articles, and extra tips and exercises), and then get to add 5 topics to your collection each month. There are discussion board posts and Facebook groups for members to discuss questions, what has worked, and additional issues they are having with their children. Enjoy!


Discover more about the Live and Excel Business Leadership Method

With Quynh's 30+ years of experience in the business world, this program is for businesspeople looking to learn more. From how to start-up a business to owning one, improving company morale, increasing your business' standards and efficiency, and how to positively impact the bottom line, this program has got it all. You will initially choose 10 topics from the 100+ available, and then add 5 more to your collection each month. Within each topic is a video, article, and extra tips to help make your business successful!

Cord T. Poe Poe Enterprises Construction

"Quynh has been a friend and mentor to me for over twenty years. His business insight has been invaluable over the years, as I have navigated my way through the ups and downs of being a small business owner. Many times I have been amazed to see something he had predicted would happen, come to fruition years later. Most importantly, he is a very giving, kind-hearted person."

Rob Smith Smithmore Castle Owner

"I have known Grandmaster Quynh Ngo for over 28 years. He has always operated with honor, integrity, and much love for his family and friends. His teachings flow naturally from his strong core values. Quynh has devoted most of his life helping others to maintain a commonsense base and to have respect for others - key points that can lead to financial success and a quality prosperous life. I am proud to call him family."

Jeff Collins Father of 4

"I got to know Quynh when I brought my kids to Cuong Nhu Martial Arts after taking it while a student at the University of Florida. Quynh leads by example of his own highly successful life as a businessman, parent, and teacher. He shares his philosophy and life lessons with truths and maxims communicated in an easy style, and using examples and stories which young people and adults alike can easily relate and adopt for high achievement and success in their own lives."

Kinnari PatelMother of 2

"My journey at Master Quynh's dojo started with my oldest son at the age of 7, and the journey continues after 8 years. Over the years, Master Quynh has helped my son build self-esteem through perseverance and focus. With Master Quynh, working hard alone is meaningless because one does not push himself to the limit to realize his full potential. Apart from being a great teacher, he is also truly an inspirational leader. He imparts his wisdom routinely through personal experiences and subject matters relevant to the student's success. As a mother, I feel as if this experience will forever touch upon and play a huge role in all aspects of my son's future to come."

Ron Ardary Owner and President of Ron Ardary Construction, Inc.

"I helped Mr. Ngo build his first home in 1994 and was surprised by how open-minded, smart, patient, and easygoing this young man was. My company has grown since then because of his contacts, advice, and constant support. Quynh is very knowledgeable in many business aspects, but his best asset is his relationship with the people. My family is extremely thankful and blessed to have met such an honest and helpful man."

Amy Colley Mother of 3

"Quynh has been an influential part of my boy(s) life for almost 10 years while martial arts training - but he has taught them even more about life!! Work hard, do YOUR best, respect your parents/elders, the easy route isn't always the best choice, and of course practical things like brush your teeth and how to dance 🙂 He personally spoke into my son's life during a rough time and helped him make a wise choice. I am grateful for the huge part he has playing in bringing up great children with character."