Hard style motivation doesn’t work in the long run. It creates fear and anxiety and works in the short term until your employees can not mentally take it or find something else to do. The soft style approach may bring a cool and relaxed working atmosphere but eventually some employees will take advantage of your…

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Life is a competition against your peers. It’s always been that way since you were in kindergarten. That is why they give out grades and scores in all types of events. Everything has a recognition of a hierarchy. Some will play first string on the team while many others don’t even make the team. College…

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Leaders inspire, motivate, and activate others’ “self-starting trait”, where they strive to do better in all aspects of their lives. Leaders possess several positive traits and an incredible “whatever it takes” attitude. True leaders though, have no ego, but rather an internal drive for success with others. They know that the lone wolf can’t survive…

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